Useful books for self builders

These are books we’ve found useful while we worked out just what sort of self build project we wanted.

Grand Designs Handbook – Kevin McCloud

Well, we had to have a Kevin McCloud title, didn’t we? All your favourites from Grand Designs are here. But McCloud also offers advice on the approach to design and build which might be just the thing if you find yourself suffering from timber frame overload, or you need reminding why you’re getting involved in all this in the first place.

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Housebuilder’s Bible – Mark Brinkley

Truly a bible amongst books. This book is the must-read for self-builders. No matter whether you are getting someone else to do all the dirty work, or whether you are going to be completely hands-on, the detail in here will save you time and possibly money. It will provide you with the questions to ask the professionals so you don’t end up in a deep hole. Well, no deeper than it need be anyway! Recommended highly.

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The Sustainable Building Bible – Tim Pullen

Where Brinkley is missing detail on renewables (he does touch on them), Tim Pullen fills in the gaps in his inimitable style. Strong opinions and reasoned argument. Again, if you’re looking for the questions to ask rather than just be presented with the answer, this book fits the bill admirably. (If you see Tim at a house building show, mention you’ve read it just to embarrass him!)

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