The Hallway

Looking up into the hallway from the front door

We have an upstairs now!

When they’d finished the bulk of the roof lights, our joiners Pete and Ali starting hauling great quantities of chipboard in through the front door.

After a great deal of sawing and hammer gun action, I poked my nose round the door as they came back off their lunch break.

The first thing that strikes you is the sheer height of the hall. It is designed to be full height to the top of the building, with the staircase opposite the front door leading you up to a bridge between the two upstairs halves of the house.

The bridge stretches a couple of metres across the hallway and will eventually have a glass balustrade so the light streaming through the roof lights will still reach the ground.

Upstairs from the west end of the house

Upstairs from the west end of the house

Climbing upstairs, it’s clear just how airy and roomy the bedrooms will feel. It’s almost a shame to put the partitions in up there but I suppose we should, now we’ve got them.

In this picture, you can imagine the stairs coming up from the left from a half landing just out of sight. You arrive at the glass lined bridge and go with left or right, or pause and admire the view from either set of roof lights.

The roof is about 40 feet long which will make for a nice couple of bedrooms, a small bathroom and a number of built in wardrobes.

Looking back from the east end of the house

Looking back from the east end of the house

And somewhere we have to find room for the hot water tank. It’ll all fit – honest!

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