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IMG_3828As is now the pattern on this project, the day started early with the first delivery of the timber frame. A call from the driver at 7:30, and he was soon at the bottom of the lane. I gulped a bit at what he was proposing to drive round to the plot – a 42 feet long, 6 axle lorry piled high with bits of our house. But with minimal fuss, he reversed the whole way up the lane and round the farm steading. Just as he parked up, George turned up with the fork lift. By 9:30 the wagon was unpacked.

Laying out the panels

Laying out the panels

With impeccable timing Pete and Ali, the joiners, arrived and started measuring up the foundations, marking out where the ground floor panels would be installed and battering planks of wood into the foundations to act as wall plates.

The timber frame “kit” is made up of open panels prefabricated in a factory in Dundee, plus a whole range of loose timbers. There are 23 panels which form the outside walls, plus two load bearing ones inside. In addition there are internal partitions also prefabricated and, on this delivery, a selection of rafters and gable ends. More of these are due later this week.

Ali, Pete and George lisft the first panel into place

Ali, Pete and George lift the first panel into place.
All the panels are light enough to be handled manually.

There was a delivery note and I started off with good intentions, marking all the items off as they were off loaded. I quickly realised there was no way I could identify all the individual elements unaided and so we decided to to start work on it anyway. As it turned out, there was far more loose timber delivered than we really needed so using bits of wood for temporary supports and bracing was not a problem.

The first panel goes up

The first panel goes up

By 11:45 Pete and Ali were ready to put the first panel up. I tore myself away from soldering burst pipes to watch. By 3pm the ground floor walls were all in place. I began to realise where Stan had got his lightning fast 5 month building schedule from! We had spent more time unloading and tidying the site than the joiners had needed to put the first panels up.

Nailing down the gable end panel

Nailing down the gable end panel.
This will be the end of the full height living room.

The best bit was when the full height gable walls forming the end of the living room went up. It really starts to give the shape of the building.

Really looking forward to getting the roof trusses and the scaffolding later in the week.

In the evening I walked in through the front door and walked round our new house.

In the evening I walked in through the front door and walked round our new house.

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