Spoke too soon!

The timber frame starts coming together

The timber frame starts coming together

Well, despite all Stan‘s efforts to win a bit of breathing space, the weather is definitely not getting with the programme. But that’s not stopping the timber frame manufacture.

Last Monday dawned bright and sunny, and … cold. Minus 6 overnight, water frozen solid in the pipes and snow in the shower in the caravan where the rooflight leaks. Chaos on the roads and way too frosty to try pouring concrete.

So we cancel the day’s activities, tidy the plot up and go back to planning the connections for various services on the phone.

Meanwhile, a report on the timber frame arrives from Andy Black. The pile of wooden frames and lengths of timber is growing in warehouse. Won’t be long!

But the weather – if its not freezing, its raining, and neither are good for pouring concrete. So we wait a while.

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