Sample finishes approved

Our stonework

The stone to be used
(L-R)Swinton, Blaxter, Hazeldean

This week, as well as getting all the windows in and the first floor boarded out, we also overcame the final two planning hurdles.

Way back when we got our planning permission, the planners at the Council had imposed a number of conditions on our build amongst which was a requirement to inspect the exterior finishes to ensure they maintain the amenity of the area, and the need to submit and follow a soft landscaping plan.

So, after gathering together the many components for the outside of the house, we invited Barry from the Planning Department over to view them.

We had a perfectly sensible discussion about the stone and tiles in use in the other buildings nearby, about the style of our house, “a modern interpretation of a traditional structure”, and about how the house would eventually sink into its surroundings when the tiles were on the roof.

All the finishes

All the finishes (clockwise from bottom left)
Swinton, Blaxter, Hazeldean sandstones, black whin, red sandstone, red cedar cladding, ScotRend render, all on Cabrare Grey slates from Spain.

We looked at the proposed stone, the slate for the roof, the render for the rest of the walls and the red cedar for the small amount of timber cladding we had agreed to.

The stone will be mostly the Swinton green grey sandstone which makes up most of our neighbouring buildings. We’ll mix in about a fifth of the more yellow Blaxter and Hazeldean sandstones, all from the quarries in the near vicinity.

We may also include one or two pieces of the Whin and Red sandstone, both of which can be found lying about here and have also been used for farm buildings.

The slate is Cabrera grey slate from Spain. Again it matches the colours of other roofs nearby and is a hard wearing variety.

The house will be covered mainly in Scotrend’s White render but it will appear somewhat off white because of the slightly roughened nature of the finish.

Lastly the red cedar will appear, lightly treated, in small quantities where we need wood cladding.

All of this Barry the planner approved of so we are ready to go.

Then I produced my garden plan which is a sketch of the likely garden design. Again, no problems, and he told me agreement in writing would be coming our way very shortly.


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