Checking the garage door opening before lifting the lintels in

Checking the garage door opening before lifting the lintels in

Anywhere there’s an opening in the walls, there’s got to be a lintel to take the weight of the wall above.

With the timber frame, the inside walls made out of wood have wooden lintels built into the frame itself. Externally, while the blockwork walls go up, the bricklayers position steel reinforced concrete lintels above every window and door, and then continue laying blocks on them.

The lintels for the house though are relatively small with only a couple of 8 foot monsters to deal with. The garage though – that’s a different story.

We’ve not said much about the garage so far. We laid the foundations at the same time as the house back in early March but not much had happened until a couple of weeks ago when all of a sudden, the walls went up, the roof trusses appeared and Brian spent a couple of days slating the roof.

But before we can do much more, the two large lintels over the wide garage door have to go in. Not only do they support the blockwork up in the gable end, they also have to support the 3 metre wide garage door. Needless to say, getting them in place was a team effort.

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