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ral swatch

RAL colour swatch

To help us with our choice of door colour, our friendly windows supplier sent us a colour swatch. We’d tried looking at the brochure, and we’d looked on-line but it really isn’t a safe thing, choosing colours like that.

We thought we wanted Anthracite Grey. We knew we wanted Anthracite Grey. No, in fact, we were adamant we wanted Anthracite Grey.

Actually the plans had Anthracite Grey on them right back from the very beginning so we were a bit taken aback when Slate Grey started making an appearance on documents.

We stuck our heels in. Anthracite it has to be, we said.

Andy, wise in the ways of colours, told us Anthracite would be too dark and Slate was what we were after. Knowing better, we scoffed and said we’d seen the colour we wanted and it was named … Anthracite. Andy shrugged his shoulders (how is it you can tell when someone’s doing that on the phone?) and quietly arranged for the window shop to send us a swatch.

At the same time, solid in the knowledge that we KNEW what we wanted, I phoned the manufacturer and asked them to track down the colour of the windows we had been admiring at the Harrogate Housebuilding Show.

On Saturday the swatch arrived and try as we might, we found we couldn’t disagree that Slate Grey was the right colour. One up to Andy.

Then this morning Rationel, the window people, sent through a sample of the actual cladding from the stand. Yes, Slate Grey. Two up and match to Andy.

We always said Slate Grey all along. We did, we really did!

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