Digging the drains

Digging out the drain trenchesUninteresting and eventually invisible? Yes, but critical we get them right since they’ll be buried beneath more than 2 feet of compacted hardcore and concrete. Getting in to fix a leak later on doesn’t bear thinking about.

So Stan kicked off digging a trench all the way round the foundations. Brian and Nick followed on behind, carefully measuring where the various drains inside the house had to go. On the ground floor they had to work out where each sink, shower and WC would be sited, then they ran a drain to that location. All that up front planning beginning to pay off.

What we’ll see at the end of the groundworks is a slab of concrete the same shape as the house with a number of “pop-ups” where the drains peek out through the slab ready for connection. Coming out of the bottom of the slab are the outflows to our sewage treatment plant away down the bottom of the garden.

Last thing for the drains is to test their airtightness. What you do is block up all the rodding points then attach a bike pump to the system and pump it up. Then you do it again for the Building Inspector who comes out to visit specially for the occasion. And if all goes well (which it did) we can move onto pouring the concrete for the slab, and hold onto your hats, install the sewage treatment plant!

Click on one of the pictures below for the slide show

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