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Decisions, decisions

RAL palette

RAL colour palette

Right now there seems to be a steady stream of decisions to be made. This is definitely a good thing – too many things left until the builders get on site mean rushed choices later on. And potentially a bigger bill as a result. The down side is that we seem to have been going round in circles on a number of things for a good while.

Anyway, today it’s the turn of the external doors for the Prior/Ambrose decision making process. Andy, the architect, is pressing us to make a decision, any decision, and so we do with our usual trepidation. I mean, we’re going to have to live with these decisions for some time.

How difficult can it be to decide on doors? Colour, pattern of planking, windows in the door and if so what sort of glass, kick plates along the bottom inside and out, letterbox (no!), spyhole (ditto!), handle style, lock or thumbturns on the inside.

And repeat for the back door.

And breathe.

We thought we’d bottomed the colours a long time ago but a typo on an email led us to open that particular pandora’s box all over again. Apparently we can have any colour we like as long as its one of the RAL colour range. On the plans we’ve been working on for the last 10 months the doors have always been labelled Anthracite Grey. Suddenly Slate Grey and (sharp intake of breath) Grey have appeared in correspondence.

We can’t decide from brochure samples or on-line pictures. What you see as Anthracite Grey on your screen is probably quite different from what we’re seeing. The only thing to to do is get some labelled samples from the distributor and decide on that.

And that’s just the doors and downstairs windows. We’ve got flooring, external renders, the stonework, the slates on the roof ….

It’s a hard life, what can I tell you?

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