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Graf Klaro treatment plant

Graf Klaro treatment plant

This week we felt we made a couple of big steps forward. Borders Council responded with some queries on our building warrant application. Easy things like what stove were we planning to install and does the access road support 14 tonne fire tenders. (Of course it does!)

We also heard back from our structural engineer about the drains. The Scottish Environmental Office (SEPA – apposite acronym if ever there was one) has verbally approved our treatment plant proposal. On this we breathed a huge sigh of relief. Our plot is right next to the Tweed and SEPA are rightly concerned about the effect new builds will have on the salmon fishery. But they seem ok with us discharging foul drainage through a soakaway provided we install a super duper treatment plant that will turn everything into distilled water. Sadly the worm based gadget we saw in Harrogate won’t cut the ice but that over engineered French unit will do the job nicely.

Rationel windows

Windows from Rationel

We also had confirmation from our windows suppliers (Rationel) that they can do our windows at a really good price for triple glazed units, and in the colours we want. We just have to confirm some minor details such as direction of tilt and turn, what door ironmongery we want and what kickplates, letterboxes and spyholes we want in the doors.

We should be seeing a full specification by the end of the week which will form the basis of a tender to send out to our chosen builders. Then in due course (January) we find out how much it’s really going to cost to build this palace of dreams! Then the fun really starts.

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