And we’ve started!

The works start

The work site. The view from the caravan of the plot with all the thistles removed. Note the bike n’barbecue combo in the foreground!

And so today the build started.  A large digger followed by Stan, our builder, arrived this morning and with very little to-do he started stripping back all the top soil ready for the hard core that arrives tomorrow.

As promised he’s piled all that nice topsoil over in a corner ready for it to be relaid over the garden when we’ve finished building.

We also had the pleasure of the company of Chris Weir, the Council Building Inspector who turned up to peer down a 2 metre pit to see if he could see the water table. In some ways we hoped he’d find it (would make the ground source heating cheaper to install) but since he didn’t we can crack on with plan A for the sewage treatment plant and soakaway.

The plan is by the end of the week we’ll have concrete poured for the foundations, even into the pit we discovered full of old farming debris that had to be emptied out.

It’s just great to get going.

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