And they all lived happily ever after

So, a year on and how did we do? Around the time of my last post everything was hotting up with Stan’s building team putting the effort to get us in for the end of July, and with us moving house from Manchester for the final time. Not a lot of time then for blog posts.

Not that it’s any better now. We are slowly working our way round the plot turning the old sheep field into the semblance of a garden. We must be doing something right – we’ve been eating broad beans, new potatoes and carrots from our raised beds, and gooseberries and blackcurrants from the bushes.

The house is working fine for us with the renewables performing much as I had anticipated. The house eventually received an AA rating on the Energy Performance Certificate which we were very pleased with. And we’ve survived a winter, albeit a mild one, with our ground source heat pump. Now into our second warm summer and Andy’s expectations of opening roof lights and small windows downstairs creates sufficient through draughts to cool the place down. Living next door to a wheat field offers it own challenges with regards insect life and I think we may replace some of the extractor fans with powered  trickle fans which will provide continuous ventilation and keep some of the little bugs out until Henry harvests his wheat.

I thought I should sign off the house build blog with some finished pictures:

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