Almost ready to build!

Edenmouth panorama  Our plot (the over grown one), our caravan and our woolly neighbours.

Edenmouth panorama
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Just over 12 months after buying our plot of land, we are nearly ready to start building. After a tense January waiting for builders to get quotes back to us, we have now selected our builder (or has he selected us?).

We have agreed a start date of around the 25th February.

It’s really great to get going at long last.

It’s clear that builders in general are not very busy just now. The builder we’ve chosen gave us a pretty good fixed price within shouting distance of our budget.

So we’ve ordered the timber frame for the house, the new electricity supply, a new water pipe and shopping for tiles takes on a new urgency.

In for Christmas? Yes, but which year?

Never mind Christmas, we’ve been given an approximate finish date in July this year. So even if we allow a month or two for overruns, or for us changing our minds in best Grand Designs fashion (something we swore we would never do …), we’ll be well ahead of our target and shouldn’t be spending next winter in the caravan.

So Mr Pig and Jacob the sheep are going to have to find new homes in the next week or two and I’m going to have to dig out the sleeping bag and down jacket for the cold March nights in the caravan. That should be no penance – I was sitting in the caravan after the meeting with the builder yesterday looking out over the river meadows at the 2 herons and 3 pheasants stalking through our neighbour Clare’s nice new grass (the green bit behind the caravan in the picture) and thinking it’s all a bit different from Oldham!

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