Nick Prior and Joyce Ambrose

Nick and Joyce

This website tells the story of how we went about having our new house designed and built. I suppose you could say we are self-builders, but the amount of hands-on building we’ll be doing is fairly minimal.

But making decisions! That’s one of our specialities – we’ve made so many decisions already, we don’t think there can be any left to make. But I dare say we’ll find a few more as we proceed.

We are ordinary people with no background in the building or house design trades. We don’t have access to cheap deals, and we don’t have too many options when it comes to actually building the place – we will have to employ other people with all the skills we don’t have.

Why are we doing this? Well, quite simply we couldn’t find any houses in the areas we were interested in that really attracted us. We’re keen on having a reasonably modern house with loads of insulation that doesn’t cost a small fortune to heat. And used houses that fit the bill were hard to come by in the Borders.

So, self-build it is. We may not be actually erecting the house ourselves but we’ve done our homework and we understand where we are making compromises. We’ll write about those as we go. If nothing else, if you’re in a similar position, this website may just help you identify things to avoid doing!

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