Useful magazines for self builders

There are loads of Home-style magazine on the market ranging from interior decoration though to Concrete Layers Monthly (probably). These are some of the magazines we read regularly for their useful articles and interesting adverts.


Yes, really, we were featured in this magazine. Back in December 2011, Nick went on a tour of the Borders building plots with David Snell for one of his plotfinder articles, and true to his word he wrote us up.

Useful articles on self build projects complete with project cost breakdowns. We found these so useful when trying to zero-in on a possible build cost. They include a build cost calculator at the back of the magazine which was great for approximations, but the real life stories were the useful ones.

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Build It magazine cover
Build It magazine is also a useful read for the self builder. Again a range of articles about other people’s projects with loads of specific details of costs and house layouts. The technical articles are worthwhile too. You may find them introducing topics to you for the first time and, as such, they provide a good grounding in basic techniques and materials.
Home and Interiors Scotland
This magazine is more of a traditional interiors and soft furnishings publication, or so we thought at first glance. While admittedly up-market, it does serve a purpose in presenting ideas for interiors, and not just the soft furnishings! Useful articles on kitchen design in the current (Jan 2013) editions as well as a piece on our own architect Andy Black and Firefly Wood.
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