Finishing the dry lining

Hand finishing the lined walls

Hand finishing the lined walls

So on the last day in May with not a cloud in the sky, Johnny and Nick arrived to finish off the dry lining they started last week. Having allowed a couple of days for the tape, plaster and cement to dry off completely, today’s task was to sand down all the odd lumps and make the corners, internal and external as clean and sharp as possible.

Just the job for a hot spring day!

We had an inkling that there was trouble ahead when Johnny donned his industrial strength mask with filters and a layer of finely sanded cement started to cover all the flat surfaces going.

Hand finishing the walls IMG_4197 IMG_4198









Meantime Nick was following behind applying a single coat of Antique White to the freshly sanded walls to seal them and to lay the dust. Then he started on the sweeping ….

IMG_4202  Sweeping the dust up







A long, hot, dry, dusty day.

Dust dust dust IMG_4205







But the results were stunning:

Clean sharp edges

Clean sharp edges

IMG_4204 IMG_4200













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